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Swami B. B. Visnu

The diagonal chord of the
rectangle makes both the
squares that the horizontal and vertical sides make separately.
— Sulba Sutra
(8th century B.C.)

The square of the
hypotenuse of a right angle
triangle is equal to the sum
of the squares of the
other two sides.
— Pythagorean Theorem
(6th century B.C.)


Vedic Mathematics

The Samrat Yantra, at Jaipur, designed by Jai Singh, measuring 147' at its base and 90' high could calculate time within two seconds accuracy per day.


I remember the time my father pulled me aside and said, "Son, you can explain everything with math." He was a rationalist, and for him God existed only in the sentiments of the uneducated. At the time I believed him, and I think his advice had a lot to do with my decision to pursue a degree in physics. Somewhere along the way, however, in 1969, something happened (something many people are still trying to figure out) which drew me away from the spirit of that fatherly advice and subsequently my once promising career.
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